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"Hey Axel, didn't you promise to always bring us back?"

Mondo’s gang are his buddies and at school whenever a cute girl walks by they all cheer him on to go ask her out, they punch each other in the arms and are all like “The boss should totally go ask her out! She’s so cute! No one can reject the boss man!” and Mondo is all like “Yeah yeah yeah!” until he gets to the girl where he chickens out and just shouts at her to go out with him, and she usually just walks away all creeped out.

But one day in a crowded hallway Mondo and gang see a cute girl walk by that they’ve been trying to talk him into asking out and he yells “YOU’RE REALLY CUTE GO ON A DATE WITH ME!!!” to her retreating form but instead of her turning around and reacting, or rather before she can, another student who was in front of him turns around and is like “YES!” and it’s Ishimaru and he’s just so excited to think that oh my god someone likes him? Someone wants to go on a date with him? So what if it’s that motorcycle gang kid with all his loud friends, he’s sure he cleans up fine and hey maybe he can even help him learn to stick to the rules!! And everyone just stares at these two guys in the middle of the hallway who had both just shouted. Ishimaru starts to get more and more embarrassed and his bright excited happy face slowly becomes sad as you can visually see his heart breaking as he realizes no, that comment wasn’t for him and no one wants to go out with him and he has just embarrassed himself in front of the entire school again when Mondo, not able to take it, yells in reply “WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO?”

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